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What is Posie: Rosy Little Things?
Posie: Rosy Little Things is the name of my little craft production studio in Portland, Oregon (USA), that designs and creates original kits and patterns for sewing projects, embroidery samplers, Christmas ornaments, crochetwear, and other one-of-a-kind crafts. I also sell prints of my original photographs.

What is Posie Gets Cozy?
Posie Gets Cozy is the name of my blog, where I write (almost) daily about life, love, and all things crafty.

Where can I find Posie products?
My patterns, kits, and photos can be found for sale exclusively on this web site, which is updated every few months with new things. I also carry a curated collection of my favorite embroidery, crochet, and craft supplies to help you make things from my patterns and books.

When will more of my favorite item be available?
It's hard to say when exactly, or even if. I don't have a specific schedule and usually design and create products on a whim, which is the only way I feel my work stays fresh and special. I don't normally remake kits but we have been remaking Maggie Rabbits. I often give previews of what's coming up on the blog, and give notice before the site is updated, but I can't manage individual alerts. I'm sorry about that. Checking the blog pretty regularly is the best way to know when the shop will be updated with new things.

How do I buy something in this web shop?
This web shop has several different kinds of products: downloadable PDF crochet and knitting patterns, downloadable PDF sewing patterns, and then kits and supplies that will be shipped directly to you. (Note: All sewing, crochet, and knitting patterns are available as downloads only. I do not ship hard copies unless you have purchased a kit that includes them.) Just use the “add to cart” button on the individual item page for each product, and you’ll be directed to set up payment details and provide your shipping information if you've ordered something other than a digital PDF download.

How long does my item take to come?
If you've purchased a digital PDF download, it will be available immediately upon completion of payment. Just follow the directions that appear on your screen to download your file, and save it to your hard drive before printing for your use.

If you've ordered a kit or supply, your item will be shipped within the week it was received, unless we are getting a high volume of orders (as we do when the kits are just released). I ship USPS several times a week.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes. All international shipments are sent via USPS first-class international mail (or Priority, depending on their weight) and are charged a higher shipping fee depending on the weight of items and the destination. International shipping fees have gone up in the past two years quite a bit. Shipping fees are added automatically when you place your order. Once items leave the U.S. they are not able to be tracked past their last location here. It doesn't happen very often, but you may also be charged import taxes, customs fees, duties, or other charges by your home country when you receive the shipment; you are responsible for these. Unfortunately I can't control where, why, or how customs agents determine whether to charge you or not and, after shipping thousands of overseas packages through the years, there doesn't seem to be a lot of rhyme or reason to who gets charged. I mark all of my shipments "merchandise"; please don't ask me to mark them as gifts because it is illegal to do that, and I won't.

Do you sell Posie products, patterns, or kits wholesale to other boutiques or web shops?
No. My patterns and kits are available exclusively here in the Posie web shop. My books, however, are available in bookstores far and wide.

Can I sell what I've made from your patterns or kits?
Alas, no. My patterns and kits are offered for personal use only, and items made from them should not be sold. You may of course give them as gifts as often as you like! 

Do you offer sponsorships, link exchanges, guest posts, banners, or other advertising opportunities on your blog or web sites?
No, I don't. I'm sorry.

Do you get paid to write about stuff on your blog?
No. I consider my blog a personal blog, and as such I only write about people, places, products, projects, and books that I know and love. I do not accept free products or fees in exchange for links or mentions (please don't send them!), and almost never promote events, organizations, contests, giveaways, or fund-raising efforts that I am not actively involved in myself. It's just not my thing. I am an Amazon Associate and Powell's Partner, so I make a small percentage of any sales that are generated through book links on my web sites and blog, but every title I link to is a book I either loved reading or contributed to (not that those are mutually exclusive). Though it is always my preference to purchase books directly from their authors when possible, if I've received a review copy of a book that I wind up mentioning, I'll say so; otherwise all unsolicited products that I receive are donated immediately. Thanks for understanding!

Where did you get your _________ ?
I love to shop. My favorite places to look for things for my house are estate sales, Goodwill, Ikea, and Etsy.com.

I'm coming to Portland! Where should I go and what should I see?
Cool! Welcome! Here on my blog I have a whole list of things to do and places to go!

What kind of dog is Clover Meadow?
Clover Meadow is a purebred Cardigan Welsh corgi (as was her auntie, Audrey). Corgis are fantastic dogs, but they are not for every household. This description seems very accurate as far as our own experience with these intelligent, loyal, and adorable dogs is concerned.